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doctor_thredson's Journal

Dr. Oliver Thredson
12 August
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"I realize you're likely unfamiliar with the work of B.F. Skinner but positive reinforcement is proven to be far more effective. In lay terms, Sister, a little compassion would go a long way."

"You have quite a suspicious mind, Sister, bordering on the delusional. Or maybe it’s just a form of projection. A defense to protect your own guilty conscience."

Name: Dr. Oliver Thredson
LJ: doctor_thredson
Fandom: American Horror Story Asylum
Played by: Zachary Quinto
Canon Break: Depends on the verse
Played on: ahs_asylum, memebells and sixwordstories
Oliver's bio is in a state of flux until we see his background story on AHS.

Oliver was given up for adoption as a child. He was raised with little human comfort or compassion, and he pined for a mother's touch. In medical school he decided to study psychiatry, so that he could understand his own nature. He knew that he was broken, different from others. He is brilliant, but he is incapable of processing human emotions properly. During a bit of necrophilia in medical school he realized that what he needed was the feel of a woman's skin on his body. Being a twisted psychopath, he decided that meant kidnapping, torturing and murder of several woman to harvest their skin.

RP Notes:
Oliver is from 1964. His opinions on race relations, homosexuality and his knowledge of medicine are from that time period. In other words what he says and thinks are not politically correct for the present. They do not in any way represent what his mun believes.

As for Oliver being a sexy, lost little lamb that needs to be cuddled, because Zachary Quinto is pretty... do not attempt to RP with me if you believe any of that. What Oliver does is monstrous, and it is a tribute to ZQ's acting skill that he has created a character that makes my skin crawl. Lana is not lucky to be in his clutches. No woman is lucky to catch his eye. He is a sick fucker, and I will RP that way.

Mun and Muse are both of legal age.